MY Voice: Perspective from an AID Foundation Guest Blogger

By Michelle DeCiantis

Q. Te12548896_609043119259353_1372594939655724438_nll us what type of disability impacts your life.

A. The type of disability that impacts my life is SPINAL CEREBELLAR ATAXIA.

Q. Tell us about a time when you felt empowered.

A. I felt empowered the day I graduated from nursing school.


Q. Tell us if you could change one thing that all public spaces had to change to make life easier what would it be and why?

A. I would like to see all public buildings have operational handicap automatic door buttons. Maneuvering in out around public places is difficult enough in a wheelchair but struggling to enter and exit because the doors are difficult heavy awkward to open or non-functional makes it harder.

Q. Tell us one thing you want people to understand about living with a disability, or being a caregiver for someone with a disability.

A. One thing I would like people to understand is that I don’t always want or need help however walking over in front of cutting me off or ignoring me shows a lack of wanting to get to know me and a lack of respect.



Q. Tell us what can society do today to stop discrimination against those with disabilities?

A. I think the public can help by first understanding a disability can occur to anyone at any time so think about if it was a family member or a loved one of these errors and then and help us go to Congress write letters or get messages to State and local local establishments or you know to the federal establishments in let them know that there’s a problem with parking with being able to enter and exit the building with trying to get up to upper and lower levels because they don’t have rent and or the elevators are broken cannot park in handicap parking spot just because someone you know has a handicap sticker and it’s more convenient for you.


Thank you AID Foundation so much for contacting me and for all of the hard work you do.





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