Our nationwide mission is to advance equal rights and opportunity as well as remove barriers for individuals with disabilities of all types. With our rapidly spreading, multi-state presence representing people with disabilities whose civil rights have been violated, Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities is quickly causing a lasting wave of compliance and equal access across the nation.

We feel that discriminating against individuals with disabilities by refusing service to or having barriers that prevent and or violate the rights of individuals with disabilities is no different than refusing service to or discriminating against a woman, a black person, minority or other protected class. We at Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities are strongly and aggressively fighting against this type of discrimination.

The recognition of our mission is quickly bringing about a wide range of benefits, as well as unprecedented equal access for millions of American Disabled Individuals and their community across the country. Through the Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities Foundation, a large portion of their proceeds are directly utilized to additionally improve the lives of American Disabled Individuals across the country, as well as other wide spread humanitarian efforts and missions.

As strong believers that any violation of the American Disabilities Act by entities across the country can and should no longer be ignored, we use a multi-pronged approach to cause rapid and wide spread compliance. This approach includes advocacy, litigation, structured negotiations, community education, and media for reform in systems, practices and facilities which discriminate against and cause barriers to people with disabilities.

To date, through the hundreds of enforcement actions which Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities have filed, we and our attorneys are proud to have nearly a 100% success rate of bringing about compliance in all of our cases, either voluntarily through early settlement or by subsequent court order.